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About Digitally Inspired

This website was set up as a container for all my Web Design and Multimedia work. It features everything that I create that is worth showcasing to the whole world on the Internet and to potential future clients. I do have web space available while I study IMD; though I only put my IMD work up on it. This site can act as an overall portfolio featuring links to all my IMD work along with all the rest of the work that I do (that isn’t directly related to Uni).

Digitally Inspired is the name under which I develop Websites and Multimedia solutions. I liked the new wave of Digital Multimedia and thought that it could be greatly inspiring. That’s how I came up with the name Digitally Inspired. As a Web Designer and Multimedia Solutions Provider I like to provide potentially inspiring Digital solutions for the future.

Flash can be well incorporated into websites to provide high impact, very well enhanced, rich media for the Internet. But as Broadband is slow being taken up in parts of Northern Ireland, there is still a high demand for simple websites, with a clean, clear and crisp professional design; that ultimately loads fast on dial-up connections. Whatever your requirements; Broadband high impact, or quick loading dial-up, I can offer a solution especially tailored to your individual needs.

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